What can you can get from Satellite Internet?

Did you know that in addition to satellite TV, there is also the option of satellite Internet? There seems to be a variety of ways to connect to the Internet. It’s now at the point where no matter where you are, you can check your email, surf the web or receive live news updates. You can enable Internet access on your cell phone and lay NFL video with an Internet connection. You can have Internet access in a hotel room and watch all of your favorite TV shows online. As a matter of fact, Satellite Internet can connect even in very remote locations, where phone or cable setups are not possible. Furthermore, this is not dial up service speed, but high-speed Internet, comparable with DSL or cable.

How does satellite Internet work? A satellite floats in what is called geostationary orbit and communicates with a satellite dish setup on the owner’s home property. How strong is this communication? Users can literally travel by boat or RV unit and still enjoy a stable Internet connection. Unlike cable or DSL, satellite Internet reaches about 99% of all zip codes in America. The estimates for telephone companies, DSL providers or cable providers are no where near the same total percentage. If you live in a remote area there’s a likely chance that dial up Internet will be your only option. How much does satellite Internet cost? In the old days, satellite Internet did exist but was never a serious option because of the high costs of a subscription. If you asked about satellite Internet pricing a few years ago you have gotten a quote of about two thousand dollars just for installation. However, things have changed in recent times and technology has drastically improved. In addition to being more accessible than its competition, satellite Internet also offers some other advantages.

Satellite Internet allows people to keep both their phone line and Internet connection. What makes satellite Internet work is a satellite connection. Though a special modem may be used, one is not using a traditional modem and telephone line connection. With the advent of cellular communication and satellite technology, some residents are canceling their home phone lines altogether.

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